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    DOMMUNE、2.5D、全国のクラブ、ライヴハウスなどでDE DE MOUSE、志茂田景樹、女王蜂、Seiho、呂布カルマ、DAOKO、ORESAMA、バクバクドキン、が~まるちょば、吉田豪、掟ポルシェらと共演しながら草の根活動を行い、同年12月には1stアルバム『EAT ‘EM AND SMILE』をリリースし、2016年2月にはメジャー・デビューを発表。

    8月にシングル『口の悪い女』、12月にはアニメ「タイムボカン24」のエンディングテーマである『TRUE LOVE』をリリース。


    Ai Shinozaki was born in Tokyo, Japan and began to be brought out to karaoke bars by her parents since she was born. In 2006, debuted as a sexy model and in 2011 started singing in a girls’ group, AeLL. and appearing on TV shows. After they broke up, in 2015 released her first single “A-G-A-I-N” and the first album “EAT ‘EM AND SMILE” as a solo singer, performing with lots of artists from several genres such as Ziyoou-Vachi, DE DE MOUSE, Seiho, DAOKO, GAMARJOBAT etc. In 2016, announced to deal with one of Sony labels Japan, Sony Music Records and released 2 singles, “Kuchi-no Warui Onnna” and “TRUE LOVE” as a tie-in song with a big Japanese animation “Time Bokan 24”.